Handheld Oscilloscope

alt text Fluke Handheld Oscilloscopes

Fluke's hand held oscilloscopes are the industry leader. With their signature yellow cases their o-scopes offer extremely good performance, 1 or 2 input channels, and reasonable price tag for the product your receive.

If you want a scope that will last for years and are tried and true - go for the fluke.

alt text Tektronix Handheld Oscilloscopes

Tektronix's handheld oscilloscopes are extremely durable and offer a great performance. While these units are a bit larger than the flukes they are very nice and a great addition to anyone's toolbox.

The Tektronix Tekscope are a great line of hand held oscilloscopes ready for the toughest field environments.

Buying Portable & Handheld Oscilloscopes

If you do any hobby electronics or field service work you probably can't live without a handheld oscilloscope.  If you don't yet have one you'll wonder how you survived without it after you get your first.  They truly are a piece of equipment that is an investment which pays for itself several times over.

Handheld oscilloscopes are made possible by todays every increasing electronics capability.  Today you can get analog to digital converters that can collect data an order of magnitude faster than 10 years ago.  Couple the increase in speed with shrinking die and you've got yourself a handheld oscilloscope.  These handheld o-scopes are extremely portable and durable in order to survive your toolbox.